What is Leadership Development?

Take this FREE course by The King's University's Director of Master of Organizational Leadership, Dr. Frank Markow, as he teaches about the meaning and importance of Leadership Development.

Cultivating Inclusivity in Ministry

The Women in Ministry Leadership Podcast sits down with Pastor Monica Bates as she discusses being a woman of color in ministry leadership, dealing with micro-aggressions and the feeling of imposter syndrome, creating inclusive spaces, and helping others to discern God’s divine calling.


Sabbaticals Aren’t Just For Pastors. Here’s Why You Should Take One.

Twenty-seven years ago, I went on my first sabbatical. I had heard of ministers taking sabbaticals—going away for a few days to be with...

The Wind of the Holy Spirit

Even though I was born in the Northwest, and grew up in Colorado, I’ve spent my entire adult life in the Midwest. So I’ve...

A Moment of Decades

Editor’s note: This article is part of an ongoing conversation at The King’s University about the big callings God has for us. Inspired by...

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Articles from The King’s University faculty and ministry partners.

Women in Ministry Leadership Podcast

The Women in Ministry Leadership podcast is a conversation to encourage and validate women on their ministry journeys. This podcast is an extension of the Women in Ministry Leadership program at The King’s University.



Free courses to equip you and your church.

What is Leadership Development?

Leadership development is vital in the local church. In this course, Dr. Frank Markow discusses the meaning and importance of leadership development.

Worship Ministry

Leading worship is more than singing songs. In this course, get in-depth training from worship leaders and instructors from Gateway Church and The King's University.

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry gets more challenging every year. In this course, three experienced student leaders provide key training for an ever-changing ministry area.

Church InTension Podcast

The Church InTension podcast is a place to have healthy conversations about areas of tension in the Church. Hosted by Dr. Jon Chasteen and powered by The King’s University.